FIFA RANKING (Jan. 2014):
1) Spain - 1507 points
2) Germany - 1318 pts
3) Argentina - 1251 pts
4) Colombia - 1200 pts
5) Portugal - 1172 pts
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Football Betting Guide

“About a Bet”

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The About a Ball Guide to Football Betting

There is an amazing, mind blowing, array of gambling establishments on the Internet. Online gambling is big business and you need to be switched on and well informed to avoid just throwing your money away. The About a Ball football betting guide will attempt to clear up some of the confusion and suggest ways that may help you to make some money from football betting on the net!

Before setting out to earn a fortune from the bookies, it is important to remember that you will almost certainly lose more bets than you win. However, this needn’t be a problem because, with careful planning, it is possible to make a profit even by winning a little as one third of your bets. This is especially true if you can pick out draws, for which the odds are generally at least 2/1.

There are an unlimited number of factors that can affect the result of a football match and some are completely unforeseeable, but there are many that you should carefully consider before placing your stake. The more research you do, the higher your chances of making a correct prediction. It would be foolish to part with your hard-earned money without having thoroughly evaluated all the available information. Work through this list and, with a bit of luck, you might just beat the bookies:

Things to consider before placing a football bet

1 ) Form – it is very important to check out the recent form of the opposing teams. How far back you look is up to you, but around five games is probably about right. If a team has had three or more wins in a row then it’s safe to say that they will be playing well and high on confidence whereas three or more defeats in a row means they are likely to be stuck in a bit of a rut. I wouldn’t look much further back than 8 games or about one calendar month when considering current form.

- Types of form: of course you might not just want to look at a team’s overall form. Specific competition form or home form or away form might give you a better indication of how well a team is likely to do in a particular match. Cup games are often played against much stronger or weaker opposition than a team will face in their league hence cup games can produce uncharacteristic results. Some clubs are not always guaranteed to play a full strength team in cup competitions. You should generally only take a team’s league form into account when considering their next league game. Statistically home advantage is an important factor in deciding a football match. Home wins are much more common than away wins and some teams seem to particularly strong at home while others prosper on the road. It is useful to examine home and away records before placing a bet.

2 ) Overall Record Comparison – a good way to compare opposing teams is to analyse their records over the season to date. Obviously the later in the season, the more data you have available. For that reason, it can be difficult to draw many conclusions from a team’s record in the early stages of a season. It is much easier to try and apply a statistical approach to betting once the teams have played at least 10 games.

A common approach is to take the home team’s home record and the away team’s away record and add them together in the following way: (Home Team’s Home Wins + Away Team’s Away Defeats), (Home Team’s Home Draws + Away Team’s Away Draws), (Home Team’s Home Defeats + Away Team’s Away Wins).

Team A Home record: P10 W6 D3 L1
Team B Away Record: P10 W2 D3 L5

Home Win = (6 + 5) = 11 / 20
Draw = (3 + 3) = 6 / 20
Away Win = (1 + 2) = 3 / 20

In this case, if Team A plays at home against Team B, then Team A is likely to win 55% of the time according to the statistics. That represents a fairly good bet, but there is still a 45% chance that it won’t happen. If one of these numbers is more than two thirds (66%) of the total, then that result would be a very likely outcome, although the odds may not the that great.

3 ) Previous Meetings – it’s often worth looking at the recent history of a fixture between two teams to see if there is a particular trend or if one of them always seems to have the upper hand. There are many websites that will tell you the results of matches between two teams over the previous few seasons and newspapers will often publish this information in their match previews. Head to head results are particularly relevant if the two managers and many of the players remain unchanged from previous meetings. Pay attention to the previous results at the match venue – history often repeats itself.

4 ) Odds Comparison – make sure you shop around the different bookmakers to find the best odds for your match in order to maximise your winnings. When comparing odds, you should also keep an eye open for any discrepancies between the bookmakers, which could indicate that one of them has got it slightly wrong. Obviously the bookies are right most of the time and the odds are a good guide of what is going to happen so it’s definitely worth investigating any anomalies to see if you can take advantage of them.

5 ) Preparation Time – look out for any external factors that might affect a result. Preparation time – or time between matches – is often cited by players and managers alike as having a major impact on performance. If one team is playing their second game in three days and their opponents have had a week to recover and focus on that match then it’s likely to tip the balance slightly in favour of the fresher team.

6 ) Travel time and distance – this is another external factor that might occasionally come into play. In many countries it will never be an issue as teams will not have far to travel on away trips and will enjoy fast and comfortable transport to games e.g. in Holland or Belgium. However, the size of some countries means away teams must often spend a night in a hotel before a game and possibly endure a cramped flight or lengthy coach journey if their club isn’t so well off. If you are unfamiliar with the teams on which you are betting then it’s worth having a quick look at the geography to see if one of them has had to make an unusually arduous journey. You can look back at their form on similar trips to see how the players have reacted to these circumstances in the past. It’s also worth ckecking that you haven’t inadvertantly bet on a derby match as these are highly unpredictable and the form book often goes out of the window.

7 ) Team News – if you can, it’s a good idea to have a quick read up on the team news ahead of a game you are going to bet on. Try to find out if there are any injuries or suspensions to key players that might affect the result, or if a team is expected to rest some players. This can be hard to do for some of the more obscure games, especially if you don’t read the local language, but it’s usually possible to find a local sports news site and the Google translator comes in handy. Managerial changes are another thing you should look out for. They can often trigger a response from the players and bring to an end a run of good/bad form.

8 ) Other things to look out for – keep an eye out for matches where a draw suits both teams, or where the result matters greatly to one team but not their opponents. These matches typically happen at the end of a season or in the final game(s) of a group stage in a tournament. If both teams need a draw to go through/avoid relegation/qualify for Europe then a draw will often happen. Similarly, if one team is playing a dead rubber, for example they have already won their group, but their opponents desperately need a win to go through then the former will often rest players giving the latter an easier ride and better chance of success.

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These links will provide a lot of the information you need to research your bets:

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Soccerway – A great site for comparing form in any league you might want to bet on. Use it to find out all the latest results and fixtures as well as news and statistics.

Betting is not an exact science and our tipsters cannot guarantee results. These tips are merely our own opinions and we hold no responsibility for you losing any money, although if you happen to make money we will willingly accept cheques :)

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