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1) Spain - 1507 points
2) Germany - 1318 pts
3) Argentina - 1251 pts
4) Colombia - 1200 pts
5) Portugal - 1172 pts
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Portugal Euros – 2004

Travel Centre

Portuguese Trade & Tourism Office,
2nd Floor, 22-25A Sackville Street,
W1S 3LY.Tel: (44) 171 494 14 41
Fax: (44) 171 494 1868
British Embassy in Portugal
Rua de Sao Bernardo 33,
1200 Lisbon,
Portugal.Tel: 351/1  392 40 00
Fax: 351/1  392 41 8


Population: 10 Million +
Currency: 100 cents=1 Euro
Time Zone: GMT
Language: Portuguese

Transport Websites

Portuguese Railways
Portuguese Bus Network
TAP Air Portugal
Portuguese Airport Information

Distances (km) between host towns

# Brag Guim Port Avei Coim Leir Lisb Faro
Braga - 20 55 125 170 230 360 580
Guimarães 20 - 50 120 160 225 355 575
Porto 55 50 - 75 120 180 310 530
Aveiro 125 120 75 - 60 115 250 470
Coimbra 170 160 120 60 - 65 200 415
Leiria 230 225 180 115 65 - 135 360
Lisboa 360 355 310 250 200 135 - 260
Faro-Loulé 580 575 530 470 415 360 260 -



Portugal is one of the smaller countries in Europe, but has traditionally been a major football nation despite never winning a major international tournament. The Portuguese, however, have always performed well at youth level, winning numerous trophies thanks to a constant stream of talented youngsters. The people are passionate about the sport, even though the domestic game has been in decline in recent years and most of the top stars now play abroad. There is a relaxed lifestyle and the people are generally easy-going and friendly. Eating out is cheap and the cuisine is dominated by seafood and meat dishes (served in generous portions). Local wines are also very cheap and very good, with spirits being about half the price they are in the UK.

Useful Websites

Portugal InSite Official tourism website. Lots of useful information on accommodation, transport, food, history, leisure, etc, & all the host towns. General tourism website with useful information and links to regional websites.
Portugal Virtual Huge information resource – pages on every aspect of Portugal & Portuguese towns.
Portugal Info Another huge collection of information on Portugal – very useful.
Roteiro Campista Detailed information on campsites and camping in Portugal.
Pousadas Juventude Portuguese Youth Hostel Association.


SagresSuper Bock and Tagus are the best known Portuguese lagers and are all widely available in bars across the country. Super Bock (5.6%) dates from November 1927 and is described on its website as

‘a high-quality beer, with an authentic taste and a genuinely modern yet authentic image, associated with relaxing and sociable moments, with friends and in contact with nature. It is considered an “all appeal” brand, since it is loved by both younger and older beer consumers, women and men, and among different social classes. Its logotype is easy to memorize (red, white and golden colours).’

Sagres beer (5.1%) dates from 1940 and a review on ‘The Oxford Bottled Beer Database‘ says it has

‘a bubbly head that soon vanishes, giving off the expected grassy, socky aroma. In the mouth it is dry, clean and fizzy, with grassy hops providing a surprising amount of bitterness. It is also slightly tart, with lemon notes apparent to those with an active imagination. Finish is clean and sharp.’

Tagus (5.4%) is also reviewed on the same website:

‘The head of this beer is bubbly and long-lived, with a nose of grass/hay. In the mouth it is smooth and clean, dry yet not particularly hoppy. Happily it is not too fizzy either, and there is a slight citrus character. The hops become more apparent in the finish, leaving a light, bitter, short-lived aftertaste.’

Cristal Pilsner (5.2%), from the same brewery as Super Bock, is less well-known.

The country’s most famous tipple is, of course, Port – from the Porto region. Perhaps Portugal’s most famous and successful export, it is enjoyed all over the world, often as a digestif.

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