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Exclusive: Sir Geoff Hurst on the 2018 bid

A couple of days ago Aboutaball had the opportunity to meet-up with Sir Geoff Hurst for a chat; you can hear the full podcast here Geoff Hurst Interview podcast. We couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to a Football legend who is still heavily involved in the English game to get his take on World Cup’s past, present and future. In the seond of three posts we discuss the 2018 World Cup bid and lost balls from 1966.

picture by Todd Halfpenny

Following the apparent entrapment of Lord Triesman, it raises questions over the English Media and their apparent desire to press the self destruct button on anything England seems likely to do well at. It’s been good to see the likes of Gary Lineker taking a stand against this by boycotting the Mail. We asked Geoff for his thoughts:

The 2018 world Cup Bid, why do some aspects of the media want to ruin England’s chances?

“I was part of 2006 bid team and I know most people in the Country want to see England host a World Cup. It’s surprising that people in the media who have a powerful influence are not being supportive.”


“The current story has to be printed, it’s a damaging blow and hopefully we’ve got 6-8 months so things can change. They’ve done well to move quickly for damage limitation”

Most worrying…

“The Media this is coming from are football writers, if they’re English it’s disappointing they’re not supporting it”.

I think it’s clear as a country we should get behind the bid and follow Lineker in boycotting anyone who’s against it.

We then moved onto other things, in the future there anyway and English sports person could better scoring a World Cup final hattrick at home against Germany?

“You can better it by scoring 4. But we need to get World Cup here and get to the final. Scoring three goals in the World Cup Final at him was something you never really dream about”

Is it true that you didn’t get the hattrick ball for 30 years?

“Haller took the ball after the game, it was forgotten. 30 years later the Sun and Virgin got Haller to bring the ball back, they paid 80 grand”

Interestingly after all the PR Geoff didn’t get it back himself, infact he said he expected it to just turn up after the match…

“After the game (1966 Final) I thought it’d just turn up, first time I thought about it was sitting in the dressing room, I thought it’s tradition, the ball will find it’s way back”

And he pointed out he’s not the only player to lose a Final hattrick ball…

“Like the other day Frank Lampard woofed the FA Cup final ball in the Crowd and Drogba didn’t get it” :)

Geoff is heading up an initiative that’s bought 20,000 coaches into the game to get more kids involved in football in a safe environment off the streets. Kids just playing and having fun has produced some of the greats and maybe will help produce a World Cup hero for 2018?

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