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Slovakia Football

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Slovakia flagSlovakian National Anthem
National Coach: Jan Kozak
National Stadium:
FA founded: 1938 ( FA Website )
Joined FIFA: 1994
Nickname: Repre
Local Name: Slovensko
Capital: Bratislava
Population: 5,455,407
Area: 48,845 km2
Tel: +421 / Internet: .sk
Currency: Euro (EUR) - Rates
Domestic Season: July - May
Local Time and WeatherLatest Slovakian Football News
List of Slovakian League and Cup Winners

Slovakian Football League System
An overview of the football league system in Slovakia with a list of the clubs and stadia in each division. Click on the + symbols to reveal the manager/coach, chairman/president, nickname, year of foundation and a link to the website for each Slovakian football club.

Level: 1 Super Liga view 12 Teams
Level: 2 2. Liga view 2 Teams
Level: 3 3. Liga Zapad view 1 Teams 3. Liga Vychod
Super Liga
DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda Mestsky Stadion (5,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Mikulas Radvanyi
Chairman / President: Khashayar Mohseni
Founded in: 1904 (Nickname: DAC)
View DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda homepage
Dukla Banska Bystrica Stadion SNP (10,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Norbert Hrncar
Chairman / President: Tomas Geist
Founded in: 1965 (Nickname: Vojaci)
View Dukla Banska Bystrica homepage
MFK Kosice Stadion Lokomotivy v Cermeli (9,600) [-]
Manager / Coach: Jaroslav Galko
Chairman / President: Blazej Podolak
Founded in: 1952 (Nickname: Vranare)
View MFK Kosice homepage
MFK Ruzomberok Stadion MFK Ruzomberok (4,817) [-]
Manager / Coach: Jozef Vukusic
Chairman / President: Lubomir Golis
Founded in: 1906 (Nickname: Ruza)
View MFK Ruzomberok homepage
MSK Zilina Stadion Pod Dubnom (9,576) [-]
Manager / Coach: Adrian Gula
Chairman / President: Jozef Antosik
Founded in: 1908 (Nickname: Sosoni)
View MSK Zilina homepage
Nitra Stadion pod Zoborom (11,384) [-]
Manager / Coach: Ladislav Simco
Chairman / President: Jozef Petrani
Founded in: 1909 (Nickname: Trogari)
View Nitra homepage
Senica Stadion FK Senica (4,500) [-]
Manager / Coach: Eduard Pagac
Chairman / President: Viktor Blazek
Founded in: 1921 (Nickname: Zahoraci)
View Senica homepage
Slovan Bratislava Stadion Pasienky (13,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Vacant
Chairman / President: Ivan Kmotrík
Founded in: 1919 (Nickname: Belasi)
View Slovan Bratislava homepage
Spartak Myjava Stadium Myjava (3,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Ladislav Hudec
Chairman / President: Pavel Halabrin
Founded in: 1920 (Nickname: Kopaniciari)
View Spartak Myjava homepage
Spartak Trnava Stadion Antona Malatinskeho (18,448) [-]
Manager / Coach: Juraj Jarabek
Chairman / President: Michal Petho
Founded in: 1923 (Nickname: Bili andeli)
View Spartak Trnava homepage
Trencin Stadion Na Sihoti (4,500) [-]
Manager / Coach: Lubomir Nosicky
Chairman / President: Robert Rubnicek
Founded in: 1992 (Nickname: )
View Trencin homepage
ViOn Zlate Moravce Stadion FC ViOn (4,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Branislav Mraz
Chairman / President: Karol Skula
Founded in: 1995 (Nickname: )
View ViOn Zlate Moravce homepage

2. Liga
1. FC Tatran Presov Stadion 1. FC Tatran (14,000) [-]
Manager / Coach: Jozef Kostelnik
Chairman / President: Miroslav Remeta
Founded in: 1898 (Nickname: Konare)
View 1. FC Tatran Presov homepage
MFK Dubnica Stadion Dubnica nad Vahom (5,450) [-]
Manager / Coach: Peter Gergely
Chairman / President: Ivan Nemeckay
Founded in: 1926 (Nickname: )
View MFK Dubnica homepage

3. Liga Zapad
Petrzalka 1898 Stadion Petrzalka (9,500) [-]
Manager / Coach: Tomas Medved
Chairman / President: Lubomir Piroha
Founded in: 1898 (Nickname: Engerau)
View Petrzalka 1898 homepage
Former names include Artmedia Petrzalka, Artmedia Bratislava and MFK Petrzalka.

3. Liga Vychod

Roll of Honour

Slovan Bratislava
MSK Zilina
Slovan Bratislava
MSK Zilina
Slovan Bratislava
Artmedia Petrzalka
MSK Zilina
MFK Ruzomberok
Artmedia Petrzalka
MSK Zilina
MSK Zilina
MSK Zilina
Internacional Bratislava
Internacional Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
1.FC Kosice
1.FC Kosice
Slovan Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
MSK Zilina
Slovan Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
MFK Kosice
Artmedia Petrzalka
FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce
MFK Ruzomberok
Dukla Banska Bystrica
Artmedia Petrzalka
Matador Puchov
Koba Senec
Inter Bratislava
Inter Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava
Spartak Trnava
Slovan Bratislava
Chemlon Humenné
Inter Bratislava
Slovan Bratislava

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